Quick and easy ‘bacon’ and mushroom

A quick, easy and tasty dish using pre-cooked rice and 'cheating' frozen garlic


Cooked white rice (a risotto-type rice is best)
3 smoked turkey rashers cut into pieces
Mix of mushrooms including plenty of shiitake
Spring onion (to taste) chopped
Soy sauce
Generous shake of frozen garlic (or lots of fresh garlic chopped)


1. Put some water and soy sauce in a dry non-stick pan with a large base, or a frying pan
2. When the water is boiling add the chopped spring onions and mushrooms and cook until the
shiitake mushrooms are slimey. Add more water if needed
3. Add the smoked turkey rasher and allow to cook
4. Add the cooked rice and allow to heat through
5.. serve