We support people affected by LPLD to lead a full, healthy and integrated life

LPLD affects different people differently.  Not much is known about why this is so, or  what the longer term impact of the differences may be.

We aim to:

  • capture the range of experiences of living with LPLD,
  • encourage pro-active management of the condition, and
  • enable discussion with your consultant and other health professionals of all the options for managing the condition.  


This site will be constantly updated. 

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​​We aim to raise awareness of LPLD and related conditions, and educate the public and  health professionals about the condition

The only patient-led organisation for people with

Familial Lipoprotein Lipase Deficiency  

 (Familial Chylomicronaemia Syndrome)

We advocate for access to excellent care and new medicines for all patients with LPLD