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Professional Support

Who can Help Me?

It may be that you are struggling to manage the adjustments needed to maintain your health.  The following approaches may be useful.

CBT (cognitive Behavioural Therapy) can be useful in helping to change  behaviour.  Ask your GP if they can refer you.  CBT

Self-management Programme: This is a 6-week course looking at all aspects of managing a chronic condition.  The course doesn’t focus on any particular condition so some aspects will be useful to you, others possibly less so  Your GP will know if there is  one offered in your area.   Self Management Programme

Coaching:  Coaching can be a useful action-orientated approach to help you to identify unhelpful habits and begin to change them. CIPD 

Counselling:  Can help you to explore any deeper issues that interfere with your ability to keep yourself well.  Ask your doctor or your consultant for a referral, or go to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy to find a registered practitioner. BPAC

Food and Mood Diary
It can be useful to maintain a food and mood diary for one month detailing how much fat you eat and how you were feeling at the time. Looking back at this may help you to identify what is the best level you should aim for and any triggers for eating fat.

Recognising patterns in your behaviour can help you to take steps to avoid repeating the same thing. Only you will know what will work for you.