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Food shopping

It can be fun!

Read nutritional labels: Be vigilant about the fat contents in products. Something that has a low fat content can change without warning. Be especially wary if your preferred product says ‘new and improved’!

Is this right? Sometimes nutritional labels are incorrect. If you spot something which you think is incorrect ask the company to check. You may get some freebies in the process!

Fat content: Be careful to check that you have read the total fat content of the food and not read the lower saturated fat content. You should always work with the total fat content.

Same product, different shop: Be careful about shopping for the same basic product from different stores. For example Wild Alaskan smoked salmon, depending from which shop you buy it, can be low in fat or relatively high.

Labelled food:  If you are unsure of the fat content of a meat try to buy it pre-packaged and nutritionally labelled so that you can be sure of how much fat you are eating.

New ranges: Keep your eyes open for new foods on the shelves or in the freezer.

Meat: If you enjoy meat be aware of the variation of fat content in different cuts.  Note that the fat content of offal varies depending on which animal it comes from.  For instance lamb’s liver is very low fat whereas the livers of other animals contain different, higher amounts of fat. The same is true for other things like kidneys.

Other things to consider?
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