Spaghetti Deliciousness

A quick and easy meal. Easily adaptable, accommodating a number of different protein sources.


Judge quantities for the number if people you plan to feed

Onion, chopped
Tinned tomatoes chopped
Frozen peas, precooked and hot
Turkey breast, skin and fat removed and cut into small pieces
Vegetable stock (fat-free)
Spaghetti, broken into short lengths
Basil or parsley


1. 'Fry' the onion in water until soft and then add the tin tomatoes.
2. Bring to the boil then simmer until reduced
3. Add 1/2 pint chicken stock (boiling) l
4. Add spaghetti and cook for 7 minutes or so
5. Add turkey pieces
6. When turkey pieces aren't nearly cooked add cooked peas and stir
7. Remove from heat and add herb of choice.

You can also use defrosted seafood/prawns. These will only need heating through, not cooking, so add them when the spaghetti is nearly cooked.