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Noodle Stir ‘fry’ with Ginger

Noodles and turkey - no oil used in recipe


Serves One

Soy Sauce
Fresh ginger (about an inch)
Fresh shitake mushrooms
Chopped leek
Diced courgette
One large fresh tomato
Turkey breast, all visible fat removed

Glass noodles (available from Vietnamese/Chinese supermarkets)
Rice vermicelli can also be used


1. Chop leek, courgette and tomato (you may want to put the tomato in boiling water first to remove the skin). Cut the turkey into bite-size pieces. Either cut the ginger into small pieces, or grate it.

2. Boil some hot water and cook the glass noodles separately (for up to 5 minutes depending how soft you like them).

3. Put about an inch of water in a dry and clean frying pan and bring to the boil.

4. Add soy sauce (to taste) then add leek and fresh shitake mushrooms allow the leek to soften.

5. Add the courgette, tomato and turkey breast and ginger.

6. Drain the glass noodles and add to the pan.

7. Stir everything together. For ease you can cut the glass noodles into shorter lengths with kitchen scissors.


Recipe provided by Jill Prawer