Easy one-pot rice and tuna

Quick and easy one-pot meal. Also good cold and for pack lunches.


This makes 2 to 3 servings.

1 mug rice.
2 mugs water (use the same mug you measured the rice in).
Small in chopped tomatoes.
1 clove garlic.
1 tin tuna fish in brine or spring water.
1 mug fresh or frozen peas.


Worcestershire sauce.
Chilli sauce.
Small tin sweet corn.
Small tin baked beans.


Put rice and water in saucepan, add Worcestershire and or Chilli sauce (if using).

Bring to the boil, add tinned tomatoes then simmer for about 15 minutes.

Add peas and drained tuna, continue to simmer until rice is cooked and the peas and tuna are hot.

Serve hot or cold.

You can use sweet corn, baked beans, mushrooms as well as or instead of the tomatoes, or any left over cooked vegetable.

When cold, this is ideal for a picnic or a lunch box.