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The FCS 10g Fat Challenge

One in 17 of us will be affected by a rare disease at some point in our lives, so on Rare Disease Day, Wednesday 28th February, we’re raising awareness of the impact that invisible rare diseases can have on the lives of those they affect, an impact that’s often not recognised, understood or acknowledged.  Invisibility can add a further impact to the burden of the condition as individuals often feel isolated and misunderstood.

We’re raising awareness of the implications of living with just one invisible ultra-rare condition.  Get a taster of the implications of eating only 10g fat for the day – and help us to raise awareness of how this impacts your life by telling us of your experiences on the day.  FCS is the term now more more commonly used for LPLD and related conditions.

For many people with the condition, eating around 10g total fat daily is the only way to manage symptoms.  But doing this is very restricting and restrictive and requires planning, diligence and careful thought each time food is eaten.

Symptoms of the condition include abdominal pain – often severe, and pancreatitis.  Please see the pages Symptoms and More Symptoms for more information about the impact of FCS/LPLD and the page About FCS for a more detailed description of LPLD.  For more information about how to approach living with FCS/LPLD please see the section Living with FCS

Thank you for sharing our experience for a day.  Your raising awareness in this way helps us to feel less isolated and helps us to feel that our daily experience is more understood.  See some of the feedback from the day here.

To help you we have developed a handy table of foods you can eat and foods to avoid, and some suggestions of what you might eat during the day.  This is not an exact science, you will need to work out the fat content of what you are eating as you go along.  Both documents are available as a download below.

Good luck!

Please tweet your experiences to @LpldAlliance  #ActionFCS  #FCS10gChallenge  #RareDisease Day and please post on social media and to our Facebook page through the link above.

Thank you!

Please print out the poster and share with your friends and colleagues.














We appreciate that this challenge is not easy so we’ve created some guidance to help you.  You can download the table and the suggestions (which you will find below) to help you plan and manage your day. For a clearer presentation, please look at the download. You will also find links through to more information about Rare Disease Day  and events across the world.









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