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Sharing Recipes

We know how to do this best!

There are many things that can be made very low fat with techniques for cooking things differently.  Many of these ideas are developed by trial and error.  We believe that patients are probably the most motivated to try new ways of cooking and develop new recipes.

We have therefore developed a recipe section which enables patients to share their recipes.  You can submit a recipe via our Submit a Recipe page.  Please allow a few days for your recipe to appear on the site.

Please be aware that if you are are using one of the recipes listed here, that FCS affects people differently and fat tolerance seems to vary between individuals.  Be thoughtful about how the fat in the recipe fits in with your daily intake before trying it out.  Also be aware that if you also have diabetes you need to think about the carbohydrate and simple sugar content.

We do not check the recipes for their fat content, or for how easy they are to cook.  Nor can we guarantee success!

If you are copying your favourite recipe from a cookbook please make sure you reference where the recipe is from as not doing so could infringe copyright laws.

Please submit your recipe here.

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