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FCS Day of Action

On 5th December 2018 HEART UK and LPLD Alliance joined together in Parliament, We invited our MPs to come and meet us so that we could tell them our experience of living with FCS – how it affects every aspect of our lives and the choices we can make, and its effects on our physical and mental well-being.

We hope that the FCS Day of Action helped MPs understand more about the difficulties living with FCS so when they have conversations with decision makers in the NHS they have a greater appreciation of the challenges people have.

We urge all MPs to take time to understand the burden of FCS.  Together we need to take some action to improve the lives of patients.

You can read HEART UK’s report here

And can download our factsheet below


Working together to improve the lives of people affected by FCS



Jane and Jackie Tracy Brabin MP, Batley and Spen

Sarfraz with Graham Jones MP, Hynburn

Treasurer of LPLD Alliance Pat, with Sir Graham Brady MP, Altrincham and Sale West


John with Chris Evans MP, Islwyn

Trustee Krish with Ian Means MP, Gateshead

Sophie with a representative from the office of Rebecca Harris MP, Castlepoint

Victoria with a representative from the office of Robert Courts MP, Witney

John with a representative from the office of Gavin Shuker MP, Luton South

Chair of LPLD Alliance Jill, with a representative from the office of Anne Marie Morris MP, Newton Abbot