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LPLD Alliance is a registered charity in England and Wales (charity number 1165873).

The overall objects and powers of the charity are set out in its constitution, which is that of a charitable incorporated organisation.

The charity is run by its trustees, who have full responsibility for governance and all operations of the charity, including its strategic direction.

The appointment of trustees is made with consideration to the relevant skill-set required to achieve the object of the charity, and enable effective oversight and proper governance.

Details of the current trustees can be found on the ‘Who We Are’ page.

The objects of the charity as set out in the constitution are to relieve sickness and preserve and protect good health of persons suffering from familial lipoprotein lipase deficiency (LPLD) and related conditions by:

1. raising awareness of LPLD and related conditions;
2. educating patients, medical personnel and the public in general about LPLD;
3. supporting people with LPLD and those affected by it to live a full, healthy and integrated life;
4. advocating for access to excellent care and new medicines for all patients with LPLD.